About Me: sallie.mayne@gmail.com


I started painting September of 2011 after a successful career in arts management. The iPhone changed everything by providing a camera at my fingertips and the possibility to capture my creative expressions of daily living. I always wanted to paint and began exploring and combining several techniques to develop a process that gave me exciting results. I have done over 300 pet paintings and find myself falling in love as I create an intimate experience with each pet that I paint. I am also adding other paintings using photos that express passion or memories.  If you are interested in a commission painting, email me a photo at sallie.mayne@gmail.com and I will email back sizes and prices. Once you approve a size, I begin.  When I’m done, you will receive a photo or the painting for approval.  You must LOVE IT or you don’t owe me a thing and I keep the painting.  If you LOVE IT, you pay me in full.  

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